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Custom T-Shirt Designs

We design both public and private custom designs.

  • If you have a good idea for a design to add to our PUBLIC portfolio, contact us using the link below and we will create it for you at no charge. Make sure to leave your email, so we can contact you once the design is completed.
  • If you would like a PRIVATE custom design (i.e. only available to yourself and not the general public), we are happy to help. The price for a project will depend on the level of detail, but as a rough guide you can expect to pay around $20. Products could include -

    - Stag & Hen night group t-shirts
    - Spring break '06 / Boys on tour '06 etc
    - Sports teams
    - Wedding gifts
    - Graduations
    - Much More

    Once we have created your design, we will create a shop at CafePress for you, meaning that you can buy the product direct with no messing about.


wheelchair sex
Fear Nobody Hoodie
Jujutsu red t-shirt
hung like a donkey
QTpi Ladies T-Shirt
twat badge
World Peas Ladies Vest

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